New Principal: Dr.B.K.Jha | Date Of Joining: 08-12-2016


CMJIE is a perfect solution for schooling of your children.We understand the schooling very well and all that you need to judge us is time to watch us. You yourself will see the difference. We know that your children are very special and we are constantly working for shaping each and every student of our school.

We offer education from Nursery upto Class-12.

The Students Are Special

The students are very special. All students are different and all are important. All have to go high. We at our school know our responsibilities reagarding this. We have developed solutions for shaping each and every student to the best.

We constantly research in the direction of education and are well connected with the latest high-tech methodology for the ultra-modern training of the students. We know that if a student is trained in the desired manner, he/she can do great things very easily.

Every student is unique and needs unique training. It is not possible hundred percent in a school, anyway. But keeping this fact in mind definetly changes the way of mass interaction too. We take efforts for one-to-one interaction to the best possible extent,anyway.