Director's Message

It is rightly said that 'Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.'CMJIE has made a humble beginning in the year 2010 and it has been our sincere endeavour to create avenues to encourage children with free thinking and creativity, positive and consturctive mental abilities. According to Gandhiji, education is the process of bringing about the best in an individual, and human being must be encouraged to bring about his best of abilities so that the commuinity is developed.

Education is conducted both at school and at home.But when the people hear the word 'Education' they usually think of school.Too little attention is given to education for humanity which can be given so well at home.History shows that the chief role in education is played by the home and that performed by the school is only supplementary.

If a child is denied affection and treated coldly, he will develop a feeling of insecurity and inferiority that will stay with him for the rest of his life.We,at our school premises, are sincerely trying to give our children ample opportunity to have not only a sound academic base, but also a forum to exhibit their inherent skills and talents. I am confident that my students will work to fulfill our vision and they will shine wherever they go.

Dr.Jyoti Jha
Director-CMJ Institute of Education

Principal's Message

The child has a lot of potential to learn and our school provides a congenial environment that nurtures his/her growth.It is a real platform to learn and imbibe various virtues and values which are essential for him/her to grow into an integrated human being.

My aim has always been to encourage all the children especially the weaker ones. To see them rise and blossom is a pleasure which no words can express.

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Principal-CMJ Institute of Education

Vice-Principal's Message

In the fastest striding world of technology, while all the parents and guardians are in search of suitable educational institution for their ward to educate them properly to be the fittest in the contemporary social environment, our C.M.J.Institute of Education, Bankat, Motihari, established by worthy personality (Dr. Jyoti Jha) is absolutely equipped with all the modern systems to satisfy or wipe the keen wishes of parents and guardians.

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Vice-Principal-CMJ Institute of Education

We have a hostel full of all required facilities. Our prime concern has been safety,comfort and study-friendly environment.

Smart Classes

CMJIE is equipped with smart classes. Our students enjoy the hightech-study tools to go with the flow and even ahead.

Playground and Activities

We have a big playground, enough for the students when it comes to outdoor games. We provide facilities for different games as well. Our activities also go in the campus to give the students exposure and expertise of different curricular and extra-curricular domains.